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CreepyParty Brown Horse Masks for Masquerade

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$12.99 - $15.99
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Unleash Your Wild Side: Whoever you are, our horse mask will get the party started!

• 🐴Premium materials and expert craftsmanship
• 🐴Comfortable size(even if you wear glasses)
• 🐴The horse mask is perfect for Halloween, mascots, cosplay or just a night on the town
• 🐴The horse mask will make you be the center of attention
• 🐴The horse mask is breathable: see through the nose and mouth

    CreepyParty Brown Horse Masks for Masquerade
      CreepyParty Brown Horse Masks for MasqueradeCreepyParty Brown Horse Masks for Masquerade

      CreepyParty Brown Horse Masks for Masquerade

      CreepyParty Brown Horse Masks for Masquerade

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Charlotte Berry
      Creepy misleading... very fun horse mask

      I had to attend a fancy dress party recently, and as you can tell I am well past my "cute and sexy, let's dress like 'Mean Girls' phase".What to do? The thought of attending as obese Wonder Woman filled me with horror, so instead I chose this horse head. bought a green eye mask. I am saving my superhero horse head for another day.... Halloween here we come!

      I now identify as horse!

      It all started back a few months ago. I started developing a uncontrollable urge to eat grass, and listening to old town road on repeat for hours. I started dreaming of having people sit on my back and kick me in the butt with spurs. Then I went on the internet feeling quite empty looking at horse pictures and saw this. Now I have embraced my life as a horse living on the old town road.

      ALEXIS H.

      I am deeply in love with this mask.

      Great for a laugh

      Our friends 5 year old daughter put it on and had the best time.

      Rowan VandenHeuvel

      It’s exactly the thing you’re expecting. My friend and I enjoy roaming around town in these masks, and one byproduct of this is that, with me in the passenger seat with the poodle mask, nobody wanted to hitchhike in our vehicle. It’s easier to see out of than some other masks, but vision is definitely still limited, so be aware of that! But overall, it’s a good product.