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CreepyParty Halloween Costume White Poodle Masks

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Ever wanted to know what's running through your dogs mind? Well, here is your chance. You will think like a dog for the first time when you wear the white poodle mask.     
  • 🐩The white poodle mask is made of eco-friendly and comfortable latex  
  • 🐩Realistic and Funny Design of the white poodle mask: White faux-fur and life-like details, soft and shock hair, vivid and marked eyes    
  • 🐩Wide Vision and Breath: See through holes of eyes and breathe through the hole of mouth/nose without any impediment      
  • 🐩The white poodle mask fits for Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Carnival ,Weekend activity, Party spoof, Bar, Amusement Places, Prom props, School performances, Cosplay
CreepyParty Halloween Costume White Poodle Masks
    CreepyParty Halloween Costume White Poodle MasksCreepyParty Halloween Costume White Poodle MasksCreepyParty Halloween Costume White Poodle MasksCreepyParty Halloween Costume White Poodle MasksCreepyParty Halloween Costume White Poodle Masks

    Better Quality💯

    We insist on using more natural latex to produce masks even that costs more. Thus the average weight of a CreepyParty mask is about 20% heavier than others. Heavier and thicker masks are more durable and more three-dimensional.

    Better Design😁

    All CreepyParty masks are designed and carved by the most professional latex mask designer in our country. Compared to the masks that produced directly with copied mold, the masks we produce are more detailed and more vivid.

    Better Packaging🎁

    At the very beginning, almost all sellers used vacuum packaging. But to give you more satisfying products, we specially designed carton packaging that leaves the masks with less odor and creases. It’s perfect as a gift package as well.

    More Influential🙌

    Our masks have been used in some funny videos made by Youtubers, Instagramers and Tiktokers. As you can see, many people liked and shared those videos. You can find our masks in all those social media and maybe you can shoot one!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Fun creepy cool

      if you are looking for something totally different that’s a real head turner this mask is absolutely perfect. As for me, I’m really glad I bought it!

      If you wanna make someone laugh

      I asked my son what he wanted for his birthday and he said a mask. I couldn't resist passing on this one. So glad I didn't. He loves to wear it around town and make people do a double take and smile. The world needs more smile these days.

      Best purchase ever

      Amazing mask, scarily realistic. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to purchasing a real dog, this is a great idea. It’s so convincing that you can hardly tell the difference. Great quality and provides hours of entertainment. Couldn’t recommend it more.

      Without doubt the best mask out there

      have a lot of CreepyParty masks and this poodle mask hands down gets the best attention.It is an amazing looking mask, very comfortable, ok visibility and it just looks so good on. The hair is soft and fluffy and whenever this one gets worn it's the one people love the most.

      Amanda Moody
      Want an attention getter? Here you go!

      So I had this incredibly detailed butterfly face paint & handmade cellophane wings (I dressed as a butterfly) and my daughter was an adorable panda, but guess who got ALL of the attention on Halloween? My husband in this poodle mask! He got so many great comments and stares...I'll admit it, I was jealous. If you want a super cute/creepy mask, this is the one to buy! His vision out of it was really limited though, we had to hold hands and guide him around for trick or treating. We probably should have made the mouth hole a little bigger for him to see out of.
      Great quality mask!