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CreepyParty Black Cat Mask for Halloween Carnival Party

country: US
Original price $13.99 - Original price $15.99
Original price
$13.99 - $15.99
Current price $13.99
If you’re looking for the ideal cat lover gift or you’re just a lover of the felines yourself and want an eye-catching mask, then the black cat mask is a fabulous choice. 
  • 😺High quality black cat head mask  
  • 😺The black cat mask is roomy enough to fit any child or adult 
  • 😺You can see and breath through the eyes and nostrils
  • 😺Latex cat mask is elastic and stretchy, with plenty of space and breath ability  
  • 😺To complete the feline features, the black cat mask is wonderfully finished with upturned beard and beautiful eyeballs 
  • 😺There are more cat masks for you to choose on our website 

CreepyParty Black Cat Mask for Halloween Carnival PartyCreepyParty Black Cat Mask for Halloween Carnival PartyCreepyParty Black Cat Mask for Halloween Carnival PartyCreepyParty Black Cat Mask for Halloween Carnival Party

Better Quality💯

We insist on using more natural latex to produce masks even that costs more. Thus the average weight of a CreepyParty mask is about 20% heavier than others. Heavier and thicker masks are more durable and more three-dimensional.

Better Design😁

All CreepyParty masks are designed and carved by the most professional latex mask designer in our country. Compared to the masks that produced directly with copied mold, the masks we produce are more detailed and more vivid.

Better Packaging🎁

At the very beginning, almost all sellers used vacuum packaging. But to give you more satisfying products, we specially designed carton packaging that leaves the masks with less odor and creases. It’s perfect as a gift package as well.

More Influential🙌

Our masks have been used in some funny videos made by Youtubers, Instagramers and Tiktokers. As you can see, many people liked and shared those videos. You can find our masks in all those social media and maybe you can shoot one!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Joanne Thornton

    After searching high and low for cat mask and getting either cute kitten or sexy kitten 😵‍💫 results I Bought this for my sons year 6 play and I could not have been happier! Absolutely perfect and rather amusing to look a too. Will be recycling at Halloween time!!

    Michael Gignac
    Great mask, but it might scare the baby 😉

    I bought this as a gift for my granddaughter (age 5). She absolutely loved it, although the youngest one was kind of freaked out by the meowing (she’s going to be one in a few days).

    Five Stars

    Got thousands compliments when wearing this mask.

    Marc Rehula

    Scared our cats - what better endorsement?

    Leslie Witte
    Five Stars

    Perfect. pls look at the pic.