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Top 10 Creative Mask Ideas for Halloween, Mascots, and Parties!

Top 10 Creative Mask Ideas for Halloween, Mascots, and Parties!

Party masks are one of the easiest ways of creating a whole ensemble. Party masks can be very life like and take your next creative idea over the top! See our list of the top 10 creative masks ideas. Use these ideas for Halloween, costume parties, or even as a mascot!

1) Laughing Horse Mask

At this point in the article, I’ve used the word ‘classic’ twice. Make that three times. The neighing horse is an internet classic. I’m sure that if you have some memes or ill TikToks to make as you prank innocent by-standers— this is the mask to do it in.

2) Panda Mask

The Panda mask is perfect for animal lovers who want to be a cute, friendly animal for a party. This mask by far gets the most ohhs and ahhs from crowds. Pure Panda-monium.

3) Shiba Inu Mask

For all you HODLers out there, I present to you the Shiba mask. If you are finding it harder to talk to your friends about crypto, here is your next segue!

4) T-Rex Mask - A Classic

Who’s sad about the next Jurassic Park movie being the last one? If you shed a tear or two, at least you can play your favorite supervillain with this intense mask! I must say, this is a thriller for any boy’s birthday party under 8. You can be the cool uncle with this.

5) Unicorn Mask

The unicorn mask makes the list! And of course it does. No one ever faulted anyone for sporting this mask. It’s a classic. Just by way of warning, the horn cannot harm anyone. That should make all the moms a little more comfortable.

6) Plague Doctor Mask

Alright, we are heading straight into spooky season recommendations now! This is a Halloween classic that just might make people stand a little further from you. #Introvertwin

Also, it comes in GOLD!

7) Shark Mask

Sharks made the list. This is perfect for Shark-week inspired parties or people who love the sea predators. We aren’t sure what you’ll do for the rest of the outfit but honestly, a shark head is enough.

8) Not a Gold Fish

Honestly, I’m not even concerned that a goldfish didn’t make the list. This tropical white (it has some orange to be fair) fish is an underdog in the mask game. But it is a solid choice. I’m honestly getting it now.

9) Frog / Gecko Mask

This is clearly a frog mask but if you wanted to spoof some Geico commercials, this will do the trick.

10) Rubber Yellow Ducky Mask

Yes. Yes, we went there. The Yellow Rubber Duck mask is not only a bath time favorite but an awesome head turner. We can’t recommend this mask enough. Just throw on a yellow sweater and you are ready to fly.

The Most Interesting and Unique Halloween Masks You Can Find

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